Technology And Technology Essay

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Will technology ever be more important than humans? I can admit to having my phone by my side every hour of the day, and I see no issue with that. Without a doubt, I know that I am addicted to my cell phone. Consequently, my attention span has shortened being that I cannot just be somewhere doing absolutely nothing without reaching into my pocket and getting my cell phone out. I always want to be on my cell phone. Technology has evolved greatly, but as time goes on technology is becoming viewed more as a necessary evil. Through the things that I have observed, I can concur technology is taking over, and internet addiction does more harm than good to people. In today’s world technology thinks for humans. The goal for engineers is to make machines that make all aspects of human life easier. Consequently, this makes us lazy. As a new invention comes along, we feel as though that is one less thing we have to do on our own. In the article,”Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr reflects on how search engines are made to be smart if not smarter than humans. Furthermore, I constantly find myself resorting to Google to answer my questions as in decades past people used to look through large Encyclopedias to find out information. I find computers more convenient because with the click of a mouse you can have all the answers you need. Unlike Carr, I feel that a more convenient way of doing things is not always a bad thing. The internet by no means absolutely a great thing.
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