Technology And Technology Essay

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There is not a single aspect of human daily chore that has not been altered by technology. From industry to therapeutic evolution and our lifestyle has been fundamentally reshaped by the inventions of mankind. It is an irrefutable fact that man seeks to improve himself in every way he can. This desire of mankind has led us to many favourable developments and redundant adjustments that have jeopardised the gifts of Mother Nature. Technology never stands still, it is always on the move. Every day, new things and new uses for old things are being discovered. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus claimed, “Change is the essence of life; the only thing that remains unchanged is the law of change.” Seen in the light of wisdom, it is acceptable to say that we must go along with the winds of change. However individuals who possess the greatest of intellect will even go to the extent of sacrificing their entire lives to ameliorate the burdens of mankind to manoeuvre through the challenging obstacles in life. These are the people who will no doubt bring about much creativity and innovation in the whole world. Nowadays, however, people’s dependence on technology has certainly affected creativity and communication. If we were to go through our day as in the olden times, most of us would be worn out by half the day. This is because some of us would have to walk as far as five kilometres just to get to work. Obviously we would be too exhausted to do any significant amount of work, let alone

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