Exemplification Essay: How Technology Affects Society

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How Technology Affects Society Today, our world is run by technology and electronics. Technology has many positive impacts and created many advancements in society. Although there have been many creations and inventions making our lives easier, it comes at a cost. This is creating the current generation as well as future generations to evolve, but not in such a positive way. There is starting to be more of a negative change in newer generations, technology is improving. Technology creates a form of isolation where people spend most of their time on their devices rather than going outside, or spending time with family and friends leading to a lack of social skills. Based on personal experience, at restaurants a majority of people are on their phones rather than having a conversation with the person whom they intended to talk to. It has been shown that technology creates problems ranging from mental to physical health. There is a major connection between society and their devices regarding their well being. Evidence shows…show more content…
It is easy for teens to make fun of someone online who does not necessarily have the ideal relationship, body, or selfie. With doing this, teens are feeding their egos, by making her/his self feel better by showing that they better than the other making them feel inferior or ‘cool’. Social media has also made it easier for rapists and child molestors get in touch with teens and children. With the mentality of having the most followers they often accept random strangers friend requests. This leads to them chatting and finding places to meet up, they achieve this by making fake profiles of famous people or individuals that some might find attractive. In addition suicide rates have gone up, “20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it.” (Cyberbullying Stats Show). This shows how effective words can be towards teens, even if it is though a

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