Technology And Technology Essay

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Definition and Meaning of “Conflict” Conflict is usually defined as a disagreement or disapproval between two or more parties. A conflict takes place when there is a clash of different opinions or perspectives. It is not necessarily only between two individuals, in fact, conflicts can arise between nations or even continents. Some of the famous examples of conflicts (from the 20th to the 21st century) are: 1. World War I (1914-1918) 2. World War II (1939-1945) 3. The South China Sea row (1955-Present year) 4. The Cold War(1945-1990) What is “Technology”? Technology can be defined as “the machinery” developed from the scientific knowledge, for day to day and industrial uses. It is developed to ease human effort put in to complete a task or an objective. For example a computer or a toaster or even the gas stove.  Impact of Technology on Humans In today’s rapidly changing world, humans too are moving a step ahead towards modernization. From youngsters to grannies; tablets, smartphones and computers are a new trend for all. There was a time when birthday wishes or letters had to be sent using post and stamp collection was the trend. Now with a snap of the finger, one letter can be sent to thousands of people using advanced technology. Buying a gift for your friend aboard can be done in your room with just a click of a button. Who wants to go to the crowded supermarket when you can buy all your groceries online? Technology has become a vital part of life for many. Like

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