Technology And Technology Essay

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Introduction As human being we are always attach with lot of essential things in our life. Jobs, education, retailing, and banking. These are the compulsory things in our life. It was very hard to get in touch with these before technology changed our life and made it easier for us. It has contributed a lot to exchange our life from writing a letter which could take one month to arrive to the receiver to writing an e-mail which can be received by the receiver in just one minute, from going to the shop to choose and buy things to choose and buy using E-commerce and no one even needs to go to the shop to collect their goods. Sticking with the book for whole day can be very amusing for the students. Thanks to IT which introduced us to an innovative way of studying. Some of the topics are described in more details below which are changed because of IT. Description Impact of ICT on jobs :- Information and technology has helped a lot in the field of jobs. IT industry introduced some unique and rare jobs which wasn 't very popular even in late 1980. This field has appeared as a solution to increase the number of employments and reduce the number of unemployment in our society. IT industry created a lot of job facilities for people who have skills in IT. It has created jobs like- Web developer, IT network administrator, computer game designer, IT technicians etc. IT industry also helped many people to become
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