To What Extent Has People's Dependence On Technology

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The word "technology" is a familiar word to majority of the world 's population living in the 21st century. Long gone are the days when it was considered rare for one to own a phone or a gadget of all sorts. Everywhere we go, we see people living their lives with the usage of technology. We see people taking the subway or using a car to commute. We also see people running businesses not by opening a stall or a shop but by having an online store. Technology indeed plays a big role in our daily lives but it all boils down to this one question. Has people 's dependence on technology affected creativity and communication? Technology has helped form and improve relationships. Never before was there a way so easy to communicate with someone on the other side of the globe. The days where pigeons were required to pass on a message are long gone. It can be done with just a simple click or tap of a button. Technology also can be a huge help when it comes to running a business. It enables business…show more content…
People in the past lived well without technology. We are able to do so too. Depending on technology to make our lives a little easier is not a wrong thing. Being overly dependent on technology is. When we adopt a thinking of technology being the most important thing ever, it will lead us one step closer to our downfall. It was once said by Alex Morrit, an author, that "Whoever perceives that robots and artificial intelligence are merely here to serve humanity, think again. With virtual domestic assistants and driverless cars just the latest in a growing list of applications, it is we humans who risk becoming dumbed-down and ultimately subservient to machines." Let us learn from the quote and not lose our abilities to communicate and think creatively. Rather, let us use technology to our advantage for the greater

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