Technology And Technology Essay

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We are surrounded by technology these days, so my colleague and I considered the technology is the core of our research. After choosing the core, we need to enforce our chosen subject with a reason for why we chose technology. Then we found the relation between kids and technology is the best supporter. Soon after, we decided to add some attraction factor for our subject (kids and technology); the factor is social skills. We arrange the words to conclude with, how technology effects kids’ social skills? The new generation is less interacted with the social life due the overuse of the new technology such as television, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. The overuse reduced the social skills of kids and made them socially isolated (Buchanan, R., 2015). The skills that include verbal language or non-verbal like body language, facial expression, emotions, voice tone and pitch. Some of these skills or the most are missing in our kids while they in communication. Kids will have a hard time to be attracted in conversation because their attention is going away toward their new tech devices. According to Lee, K. (2012) technology replaced the family time, instead of sitting with the family and sharing best moments, the kids tend to sit with hisher device. Sometimes it is harsh for the parents to deliver an information to their kids; meanwhile the kids find it difficult to understand the purpose of the parents talk. Children can’t participate or fully involved in face to face
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