Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In Different Eras

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It can be really fascinating when you think about different generations growing up in different eras. Take my grandmother for example: She lived to be something close to 110yrs old, so she lived through some primitive times (by today’s standards), witnessing the inventions/expansions of the automobile, airplane, telephone, electrical grid, television, radio, cellular phones, internet, Wi-Fi, and so many more technological break-throughs that changed the world to what it is today. I myself remember having to stand at a certain location in my bedroom to get better antenna reception for my tube television (still don’t know why that worked). Today, I can watch anything I want anywhere I want – even the bathroom! When it comes to technology, it tends to move fast – really fast, and in my opinion there’s no technology that’s moving faster today than autonomous driving.
When I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was Knight Rider. Like just about everyone else, my favorite character in the show was Kit, the car. Other than having the ability to speak, the thing I loved most about Kit was the fact that it drove itself if needed. If a dog is a man’s best friend, then surly a self-driving car would be his best man. Fast forward to today, and companies like Telsa have already begun to make this 80’s TV
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Too many good electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and other skilled-laborers have had their driver’s license suspended for a variety of reasons. Autonomous driving is a real solution to this. And when you take everything autonomous driving has to offer, like lower costs and assisting elderly/disabled people, this technology has so much potential it can literally change the world overnight. And if we’ve learned anything about technology, it’s when it comes at you; it comes at you fast – really fast, only this time nobody’s

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