Technology And Technology: Growing Up With Technology

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Giselle S.
Jan. 9, 2018
Comp. 2
Growing Up With Technology Many people will argue that the children who grew up at the start of the twenty-first century do not know how to have fun or that all we care about is our electronics. I would argue that kids who grew up in the 2000’s are more informed about the world around us and have the potential to become more educated than older generations. Growing up at the start of the twenty-first century was such a great time to be alive, for the most part. I remember the first computer that my mother had bought. I was about eight years old and Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Party In The USA” had recently came out and all I did when I got on that computer was listen to that song. I also remember playing many games on that computer for hours with my little brother. Even though we had a computer in my family’s house we still played board games, went outside to play, and played imaginary games. I recall the times when we would do some of our assignments at school with books. I remember dreading the fact that I had to do a handwritten bibliography for my one page research paper that was probably due at the end of that week. Now that I am older and almost all of my writing assignments are typed on the computer with a push of a few buttons I can easily do a work cited or bibliography easily (because the computer basically does it for me). Technology has definitely made my life easier in terms of looking for information and saving it. Flash

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