What Are The Negative Effects Of Technology Essay

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It is no question that technology is advancing more than we can see and we can all agree that it affects everyone around us regardless to how involved in it they are or not. But it is the younger generations that are being influenced the most and will be influenced the most. Technology will be reaching its peak throughout the younger children’s lives but they’re already getting absolutely hooked. So, while technology helps children become smarter and can help them improve in school, parents should be aware of how technology can hurt them instead of helping them because it shortens children 's attention span, they lose social skills, and it is not always intellectually stimulating. Jane E. Brody who works for the New York Times gives her perspective on how technology is affecting young people from an early age. Technology in different cases is utterly addicting. There’s too much time spent looking at a screen instead of paying attention to what it can do to their health. It can cause a lack of appetite, lack of sleep and takes away the desire to want to live with people around us. These details eventually become serious problems especially when it affects a child. Their brains are developing so if their hours of sleep decrease as well as the meals in…show more content…
“Technology also has profound impacts on the way children think and feel. Since technology is full of stimuli and often requires paying attention to many different things at once, children who play many video games or spend most of their time online tend to have less of an ability to focus than kids who use technology minimally. It can also affect the way kids process information when kids are exposed to high levels of technology, they tend to think through things only superficially and don’t develop the ability to think critically or be creative when learning new concepts.” Patel
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