Technology And Technology: The Dangers Of Technology

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There are many people who would say that technology is evil and would also say that it restricts our freedom and limits us within technological boundaries. People opposing technology are afraid of change but will never tell their fear. They would also condemn the latest advancement that happens from time to time in technological field. They demand a place where everything is perfect but would not support those who do lots of research to make a change. Their main targets are the educationalists and scholars who want to do something new and good to the society. But it is also a known fact that technology can give freedom in what we do and what we do not want to do. Mankind has been enslaving people without technology and has offered them their freedom. But let’s not get into that, an example will be like money which is not evil but a unit of trade and do people see the other side of it? Everyone condemned the first automobile that replaced the use of horses and other animals used for the means of transportation. But once they themselves bought one they understood the importance of those automobile and the ease of transportation it provides. Just think about a situation that everyone around us have a horse to travel, our roads and streets would be filled with horse crap which would mean we would be prone to many dreadful diseases. The present technology would not have been imagined by the people living in the fourteenth century. Those days there were books that were used to
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