Positive Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Technology has become an important part of our daily routine. We get all different types of news whether it’s through websites or digital newspapers. We pay bills, manage our relationships, send and receive mail, and find information all over the Internet. All thanks to new improvements in technology, it has become the biggest revolution in human history. Every year technology keeps improving, it started out with very small and fat televisions that turned into 3D curved 72in flat televisions. It has come to the point where we start thinking if it will benefit our kids or not. Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep your child away from the latest technologies and the information. Most parents think that there is nothing they can do about it…show more content…
The internet and social media has made it so easy to bully someone without the victim knowing who that person is. Cyberbullying has created the internet into an unsafe environment for teenagers because they could be cyberbullied so easily. Cyberbullying “increases feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, loss of interest in activities, and more health complaints.” (fundforcivility.org) In addition to these side affects there are much more which could lead into teenagers not wanting to go to school, getting bad grades, and having a low self-esteem. This could lead into a long life of depression and anxiety. Some victims find themselves in a position were their only option is committing suicide, which some teenagers have done from excessive bullying. A lot of teenagers have suffered from anxiety, due to the fact of bullying. Cyberbullying doesn’t seem like a big issue but there are many victims that have committed suicide because of excessive bullying. The problem is that the more it happens the more people think its ok. It could start from the slightest things, as long as there is drama there is bullying. You can’t escape cyberbullying as long as there is facebook, youtube, snapchat, whatsapp, and any other communication websites. Technology can be used for good and for bad, but if you learn how to use it properly then there wouldn’t be any issues with cyberbullying and there wouldn’t be any victims. Cyberbullying, and bullying in general has made us hate our community and the people in it from mean and nasty comments to deep hatred towards others. Social media seems to be an unsafe environment that is dividing our society, because it is making us forget our

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