Technology And Technology: The Negative Effects Of Technology

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Do you see heads bowed toward smartphone screens like they are worshipping a deity everywhere you go? Have you ever received a birthday card obviously printed off the Net from your friend? Does it bother you? It should! The occurrences you see are alarming signs that we, as a whole, are falling deeper into technology’s thrall and it has negatively impacted our creativity and communication.
Technology has slowly but surely eroded our creativity. These days, the youths who are supposed to be our tomorrow resort to technology to solve even the simplest of riddles and problems they stray across in their daily lives. They log onto the Internet and scour for solutions that other people have put up without spending the effort to ponder and solve the problem with the tool they already have—creativity. Instead, they siphon off other people’s creativity and don’t bother exercising their own; like guitar strings, creativity rusts without fine-tuning by constant usage. New challenges arise in time’s unfaltering stride. The solutions thought up by geniuses of old will stop being effective in our lives today eventually, and it’ll be a sad day indeed when the day comes and the people relying on technology to solve their problems today will be scratching their heads even with a smartphone in hand then.
Furthermore, our communication skills are impeded by unchecked reliance on technology. This is especially true when it comes to shy and introverted people; their difficulty speaking face to
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