Technology And Technology: The Use Of Technology In Society

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Geometry surrounds the society. Patterns, shapes, lines, curves spaces and principles are abundant and extend as far as the naked eye can see. Geometry is studied to improve visual ability. Intermingling with Geometry is the use of technology i.e. computers and internet. Technology has become so important for one to survive in this world. The rampant use of technology by students is very evident. It is a believed that studenst constant use of technology hinders their ability to persevere and face challenges in problem solving. But technology is more than using the computers and the internet. With smart phones, instant messaging, music, videos and social networking, personal and mobile technology is ingrained in youth culture. These are important to young people and part of their identity.

The characteristics of students from the secondary differ with those in the tertiary level which could be due factors such as diversity backgrounds in cultural and academic backgrounds. Educators observed that there is a decline in the abilities and preparedness of students entering tertiary institutions. This could be a hindrance for students to maximize learning in the tertiary level. Furthermore, the students motivation in studying Mathematics. The Journal uses paragraph indentations.

Educators should find then a way to embrace technology and use this to advantage. A research project conducted by SRI International mentions that when students use technology as a tool or
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