Technology And The Impacts Of Technology In The Family

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Actually, one of the biggest problems and is not taken into account is the fact that as technology gets to cover a large part of the lives of all people making itself indispensable, but at the same time causing multiples problems by overuse. This causes many problems especially within families, such as the lack of communication between parents and children, affecting the relations of the children with their friends. We will talk about how to live with the technology in different types of families according the social stratum; in how each one live and how different are the problems of each family. The family division is one of the most important consequences because of technology, if is not handled with prudence. Finally suggestions and recommendations are given, so that the technology be as an aid and not a cause of major problems. Only supervision and the support from parents is the best weapon for these problems do not exist, or at least does not cause much damage. Family relationships are one of the most fragile kind among human interaction relationships, as they are nurtured by sharing quality time and communicating with each other. Technology is a great aid in human development, but as it demands attention, it can also pose a threat to the normal development of these interactions among family members. It allows to have an infinity of information, shortens distances, increased productivity, helps the medicine.
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