Technology And The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

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According to Wang (2004), when language learners have desirable and real communication factors, they can develop their language skills in classroom. He further goes on to say that using computers and every kind of technological equipment gives students the sense of freedom and encouragement. With the help of technology students can be active, motivated and involved in the language learning process. Materials which have high quality and authenticity with reasonable price can be provided by technology. In this way, the popularity of distance education increases. In the same line, Brown (2003) explains that internet and distance education increase the quality of language learning and provide available education. According to Stepp- Granny (2000), Web-learning offers well-selected activities and interactive learning. He further reports that technologically equipped classrooms increase students’ motivation because of the interactive nature of the activities. Isman, Caglar, Dabaj, Altınay, and Altınay (2004) implies that students always have positive and optimistic ideas for using computer in the classrooms and it gives opportunities to the students to create new ideas and develops their problem solving skills while providing selfresponsibility, thus they feel comfortable. To show the importance of technology as an excellent motivator for EFL students, Zengin (2007) explains the importance of the technological classrooms because students are more motivated and interested in
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