Technology And The Internet

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I think that technology and the internet can and have brought people together. The reason that I say that is because if you are homeschooled, than you can stay connected with your old friends. But if you get cut off from the internet and stuff, and you cannot get to talk to anyone at all, than you will be lonely and not have anyone to talk to.
Also, it can bring people together by showing eachother what they look like if they have not been able to see each other for a long time. I think that technology has brought young people, (teens), closer together, because they are more open over the internet, and sometimes you may get to know someone better over the internet.
Moreover, I think that technology brings people together because, it helps others to find people that they have missed and also to help to become friends with new people. 52% of teens have said that social media has helped their relationship with friends. We are able to express ourselves better over the internet, than in real life, because we may be under less peer pressure. You can speak out to others when you want to, if you want. You can join new people and get to know others. You can talk to friends and family with technology, even when you cannot see them, or are not with them.
Some more reasons that technology is good, is that it can help people to communicate with eachother. It can help people by getting others to know each other, and it can help to keep in contact with others that you may not see, or have
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