Technology And The Use Of Technology For Children

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Technology has given us many benefits, which if counted, would be numerous, but at the same time, it has also affected our brain, which is really important for us to know in what ways. Devices used electronically and machines are what technology basically involves. There has been a research that shows that the information we search for is three times more today compared to 40 years ago (Huffington Post 2013). We have fallen in love with our devices and that is why we carry them almost everywhere we go, even to the washrooms. A report by The New York Times said that the use of technology for children is quite harmful and if we compare what is better for the children, it shows results where children writing by hand are better at generating ideas and retaining information. The report has also mentioned about the benefit writing has for example; different parts of the brain are activated as compared to typing. (Barakat 2014). Technology has also brought a lot of distraction into human minds. Even the highest level of concentration can be interrupted by a single tone or a vibration buzz of the phone. These days, students get distracted quite easily while studying. They would be using their phones more than studying in that time. They do not realize what is important for them and also that this is the stage to learn, as it is the state where their brain is getting developed. In this new generation of ours, students carry their cell phones with them to school, which is not
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