Technology And The Use Of Technology In Education And Education

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THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction It is indisputably acknowledged that we are now part of Generation Z, which means we are living in a digital era. Wherein some students have grown up using devices like mobile phones, computers, video game consoles premeditated for any activities. Hence, technology has become the creator and transmitter of information with continuous speed and wide-ranging audience in today’s living. It dominates most aspects of our lives, overpowering the conduct of normal daily life. Moreover, the education field is not exempted in the infiltration of technology. Contrariwise, education has always been recognized as one of the most productive innovators of technology, in which it conceivably discover its supreme significance that would result to a groundbreaking effect. It is also evident that some innovators invented educational instruction leads to elevate the learning acquisition of the students. Hence, as Gibson et. al (2007) stated that technology can be considered as a catalyst for teaching and learning and can help in enhancing positive educational change. One of the possible novelties in instructional methods is the use of games. Indeed, according to Zakia Taqi (2014) games are interactive play designed to help people learn about certain subjects, goals, rules, adaptation, problem solving, and expand concepts, reinforce developments as well as it assist people in learning a skills. They give us the fundamental needs of learning by
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