Technology As A Downfall In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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In “The Veldt”, Ray Bradbury presents the idea of technology as a downfall in a short story. “The Veldt” is about a family that lives in a home filled with high technology. When the parents George and Lydia find out that the nursery is filled with Africa. They both try to shut down the nursery, but the children Peter and Wendy throw a tantrum. When George gets ready to take them away, he lets the children play in the nursery, they then kill their parents by locking them in the nursery and feeding them to the lions. Therefore Bradbury expresses technology as a downfall when it’s at its worst through plot, because it could be anxious for some and be hard for one to change their mind.
Technology has evolved throughout centuries and has become more and more reliable and not helpful. Technology as a downfall can be disastrous, because it can be tense for some. When Lydia tells George that
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Furthermore, about a month ago George wanted to teach Peter how to paint by taking out the picture painter. He also tried shutting down the nursery, and Peter and Wendy threw tantrums. . So technology as an obsession is not a good obsession to consume.
When technology as a downfall is bad it can make some obsessed and hard to change back. As well as how Peter and Wendy were so obsessed into Africa if anything interceded to shut it off, they will go against it. They are willing to do anything to have the nursery on and to themselves.
George, Lydia, Peter, and Wendy was a torn family. George and Lydia loved Peter and Wendy, and Peter and Wendy hated their parents. This is why Bradbury uses plot to express technology as a downfall, it’s because some can be appalled and some can be so into it that it can be difficult to switch back. When technology enters the human world, some don’t know if it trustworthy or
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