Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Technology

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Technology As A Lifestyle

With the significant advancements made in technology, such as smart technology, many of us begin to depend on it and it becomes part of our lifestyle. People today can't imagine their lives without technology. Smart technology is providing many benefits to human living, but there are also disadvantages to these achievements. Many think that these advancements are bettering our world while others believe that smart technology is changing our lives in a negative manner. In the discussion of smart technology, one controversial issue has been that smart technology has altered our lives from how it was before. On the one hand, Nicholas Carr argues that we have become dependent on technology, like the internet, in order to obtain information of any kind. On the other hand, Sherry Turkle contends that when we use smart technology, there is a change in how we communicate with each other and we slowly lose traditional ways of doing things. Malcolm Gladwell also mentions that applications on smart technology, such as social media, has changed the way people interact and create connections with each other.

In the article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?", Nicholas Carr states that advancing technology, particularly the internet and artificial intelligence in general, is driving our human intelligence (Carr
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The anecdotes really help push Turkle opinion because it gives proof that texting is affecting how we communicate with each other. The article gives a balanced look as to both ends of the spectrum of how people feel about this mode of communication which allows the reader to formulate their own opinion. Although I agree with Turkle, I do think she left out the scientific or historical evidence that she should have used to properly cover how social standards have
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