Technology As An Advantage And Not A Distraction

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Technology as an Advantage and not a Distraction According to the Oxford Dictionary, “technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” Technology’s main purpose is to advance and to help the society into their daily lives, especially now that the world has become so innovative. It has been said that it is what will preserve the human race and will help the people survive in the distant future. But then, there are those that claim that technology is destroying the minds of the people causing the society to be distracted and out of focused in the everyday life. Technology is changing quite faster, and it helps the world progress more rapidly. The use of technology is of big advantage to the society for it ensures great future ahead of us all. As early as the Stone Age, technology is already present during that time. According to Ariane Burke, an archaeologist and author of Encyclopedia Americana, a “hammerstone” was one of the early technology during that period. Until Industrial Revolution came, where developments in the areas of textile, mining, manufacturing, and transport have occurred. Up until the 21st century, which is the present time, technology have been successful in different fields like medicine, communication, agricultural, and even in the social lives of the people. It can’t be denied that over time, technology is considered as a necessity and not just as luxury. We cannot deny that technology
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