Technology Case Study: Netsuite

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Technology Basic technology needed to run NetSuite will require an internet connection and a computer. One key solution to make Rock Solid Industrial more efficient is increasing mobility. A $200 router capable of outputting 2.4ghz and 5ghz signals at long ranges is sufficient enough for networking. By installing router around workplace environment, employees will always have wireless connection within the company proximity. The router shares the Internet signal between multiple devices allowing them to be connected to the web. However, with the employees at Rock Solid are supplied with desktop computer, they will not be able to utilize wireless internet. All of Rock Solid sales employee will need to be provided with laptops. A $500 laptop is sufficient on running NetSuite. While costly, it will allow employees to effectively use NetSuite by working remotely. With laptops, Rock Solid sales team will be able to access work material, when not at work, making it easier for them to work anywhere. In addition, it will enable sales team to communicate with other, including consumers while having access to CRM for…show more content…
Management should inform employees for every upcoming changes. When there is a lack of communication, it may cause employee to be more resistant to change. Being more proactive on communication will minimize risk and resistance among employees making them cooperative. A timeline should be made to address the implementations and employees who manage the process. An effective timeline will allow Rock Solid to provide the necessary equipment and training before implementing NetSuite. Implementing NetSuite without a logical order can increase confusion for those affected. It is necessary for employee to know that the changes to Rock Solid Industrial is to increase work productivity while making business process easier and adapting to new business
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