Technology Changed The Way Of Communication

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The technology has a major improvement in the field of every human being over past few years. In the current time, individuals can’t visualize their life without technology. The internet and computer are providing information in the simplest way. Furthermore, it has changed the way of communication. Technology is important because of the development of the society in different aspects. It is used for processing, saving, communicating, receiving, keeping, protecting, and recovering important information. It is very useful also in some areas like business establishments, to solve logical problems and research works. For some establishment, the system will help the owner or the manager of a business to store and keep their data that being used in day-to-day transactions. It is the purpose why the population is increasing from generation up to other generation. With the use of technology the life makes easier and faster especially in terms of communication. The technology makes everyone to communicate in just few seconds. Unlike before, sending messages thru letters are difficult. But now people can just download an application on the internet in order to communicate.
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