Technology: Changing Social Media

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It seems like every day we hear something about 760mph trains or self-driving cars. Technology is changing the way we think all the time. We are more connected to each other than ever before. We can see and do things that other people before us would only dream about. The use of technologies can change the world. One would suppose that these tools would be used to gain an understanding of cultures, meet individuals everywhere on the planet, have relationships with family and friends, communicate effectively with others, and facilitate individuals to become more social. However, some technological advances can cause individuals to be distracted and stressed. It seems like technology is affecting us in good and bad ways.
How is technology changing
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There are cases where somebody will notice a friend through social networking, getting them to reconnect. In a society wherever individuals became more mobile and family and friends are separated by oceans, it's convenient to stay up-to-date through technology. But, there are issues related to social networking sites. A discussion regarding whether net addictions are real. It seems to be a con with which individuals need to grapple. Employers are fire from their jobs or are put on pressure because of an incident on their social media website. This can be the result of one thing they put online that undermined the person’s skilled…show more content…
As explained by Conner Forrest in the article “How tech is changing the way we think and what we think about”, “As we explore new ideas, we have new ways to connect and collaborate over those ideas thanks to technology.” The way we view ideas has changed. Now we can rewrite, edit and add to ideas on the fly. Information is not static anymore, information moves at a fast pace. This is teaching us a lot of good information.
Creating relationships is common when people are sharing lives with others. Technology will enable the world to be in relationships through photos, videos, text, and music. Individuals who are in a good virtual community share common interests with each other. Then, step by step, people are compelled to understand individuals and care for them regarding their lives. Some individuals are able to meet a number of these new, on-line friends, face to face and connect with them as if that they had been with one another for
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