Technology Convergence In The Film Industry

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Technology Convergence The term “Technology Convergence” refers to the evolution of technology. It is the transition where new and old media collide. It is a process where technological devices share or borrows features of other products to acquire multi functionality. Past technologies were only designed to handle minority tasks. Technology convergence has improved in the terms of phones, game consoles or social interaction. It has become a perfect tool in the business sector and as well as entertaining people. Technology convergence makes our lives easier and makes our world becomes a global village. Evolution of Technology devices It is important to keep in mind that when new technology is implemented, it does not mean that that the old…show more content…
Technology helps to develop and produce good quality of films by making them more complex and dynamic. It also helps to produce films easily. Long ago, films were produced with the traditional films reels and the camera was expensive at that time. So, films were being shot in digital such as “Harry Potter”. One advantage for this type of shot is that it is cheaper. Saving money this way allows the company to invest in other things such as the special effects which is being enhanced over time. Technological revolution allows the viewers to go to cinemas, watch films through streaming on the internet sites or may even rent through TV boxes for example; sky or virgin media. There are different types of films such the 3D films. We should not forget that people can enhance and restore movies to watch them again and again. There has been an increase of piracy due to the use of internet, because of this the film industry suffers and lose their money. A person can illegally make a copy of a film by simply viewing it from the cinema. Recording devices is so accessible that there is a policy because of this activity. Only one touch on a button, a movie can be downloaded on the World Wide Web. Pirateers are liable to pay fines or imprisonment as…show more content…
In other words the new technology is controlling us. The new generations have the tendency to rely more on the new technology which make them more reliable to changes compared to the old ones. Technological convergence is in fact affecting our everyday lives or even our work lives. It is valuable for the marketing industry as all media is grouped in a single device. These types of new devices have become a new tool for trend search. These technology changes the behaviors of people easily. It has become a new medium of advertising to the right people in the right place. Advertisers have found an effective way to manipulate people to get their

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