Technology Dbq Essay

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In ancient times, the tribes and civilizations got through life with the technology they had. It was very difficult to even plant a field of corn. These people got their jobs done with less efficient tools, but in today’s world, we have better technology and tools. Document 1 is talking about a plant that had many uses. Some of these uses included being used to fence a field, use as firewood, use as a plate for dinner, use as roof tiles, and to make clothes. This wasn’t the best idea because the plant wouldn’t be able to burn if it’s wet. It could be dirty and unsanitary to use as plates. Also, the leaves might not be strong enough to be used as roof tiles or clothes because it could be torn easily. Today, we have wire fences, electric heaters, plates made out of plastic, shingles for roofing, and use wool…show more content…
To study and become more informed, he would look in his kingdom and get information from people who knew of these things. In our days, astronomers have expensive, high tech, telescopes that help them stare at these bodies and understand why and how they move. In document 5 they have parts of cities built on lakes. The only way to get there was by a canoe or a wooden draw bridge. Now, we have bridges built out of stone and better material that is more stable. Also, they only have little houses. Today, we have machines that can build more complex structures on water. Document 6 is about record keeping. They called them scribes for each year. There, they narrowed it down to the hour of the day of the month. They also had genealogies which kept the linages of rulers, lords, noble men, and the registering of new born babies. Anybody who passed away was just deleted. Today, we keep all of our records in computers for everything. Some people painted the boundaries of each city and state. In modern time, we have a city limits sign to let us know when we arrive at a new
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