Technology Disadvantages

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Technology belongs as a major part in daily life. People usually use technology in every activity. We always live with technology without realizing. Instance, we use alarm clock to awake ourselves in the morning and we listen to music in music player for calming us to sleep easily. Technology is easy to use and make us be more convenient. Most people rely on technology in their life. It makes some people notice that technology make people’s capabilities decline. It becomes a considerable factor which obstruct human’s development especially in thinking. In contrast, there are some people deny that thought. It is simply to get a disputation in one topic. Here is some detail about both sides and the author’s perspective.
People who agree with the notice which technology is the main cause of decline of human’s thinking abilities consider that technology makes people differ from the previous generation in health. We can be aware of decreasing of health’s abilities that can effect on decreasing of thinking’s abilities. There is an online article which tells about disadvantage from playing computer instead of doing activity outdoor. Children are weaker. They get less muscular and loss their physical skill which is simple to the old generation. The study shows that children’s body tests in 2008 get decreasing strength. Outdoor activities are a good way to exercise and get the good health. It does not only affect the good health but also give the ideas for living. The Child Growth
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