Technology Effects Of New Media And Communication

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The Advanced Technology, Effects of New Media, and Communication Introduction We are living in the advanced technology era. Technology is one of the important factors of our lives. It has changed and affected people all over the world and a lot of people tend to rely on the technology in their ordinary lives. According to the book, A Primer on Communication Studies, “it is only through technology that mass media can exist” (“A Primer on Communication Studies”, 2012). Also, the technology not only makes people’s life easier, but also acts as a third-party to connect people. These days, the technology tends to develop rapidly. Due to the advanced technology, media have been also developed rapidly. Also, we became to watch and use different kinds of media or media platforms such as social media or social networking sites and individual media. According to the article, Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?, “Social network sites (SNSes) like MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo are ubiquitous and today’s youth are spending a great deal of time using these sites to access public life” (Boyd, 2007). The following paper will discuss about the advanced technology through several decades. Also, this paper will discuss about people’s dependency of technology. There are some information about technologies in terms of television and Internet, advanced mobile phones and smartphones. Furthermore, this paper will present some information about social media, social networking sites, as
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