Twenty First Century Technology

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The twenty first century is the years of advanced technology. Almost every single thing in this planet is involved by technology in various fields. Technology pervades every aspects of human’s life; human beings are surrounded by it. Cell phone, tablets, televisions, telephones, and the internet have all contributed to making humans’ lives more convenient, slightly more enjoyable, and slightly easier. Those are facts that can be felt by every individual who uses technology in the daily life. As consequences of this generally brisk advancement, individuals’ ways of life had changed, along with their methods for speculation and imagining things had changed as well. As being the new component of society and the foundation of humankinds, children,…show more content…
These days, kids’ idea of fun has changed, these kids were born in the world of utterly equipped by technology, with online networking, social networking, mobile devices, and video games. Moreover, technology producer companies are also increasing that variety of technological devices are now available in the market and considerably easy to find. The devices that are favored the most by the kids are usually the ones that can be used to play such as PlayStation, Xbox, iPad, tablets, smartphone, pc, and laptop as well as television. Over time, the world gets more sophisticated which also makes the producers of those technological devices innovates and offers in the short amount of period the more sophisticated and alluring products especially for the kids. Therefore, nowadays kids would prefer to have gadgets as their presents instead of dolls and toys compared to the kids from previous eras when gadgets were not accessible enough to get. Consequently kids will always be surrounded by it, which leads the young generation of demanding on following the development of their favorite technology. As the result, children are feeling familiar on using technology since the young age, they understand very well on operating gadgets even sometimes more than the…show more content…
Being addicted to technology might happen because of the emersion of kids’ boredom and lack of social or outdoor activities such as play at the park, playground, or bicycle. Video games, iPad, tablets and smart phones are their new way of having fun so that the kids forgot how fun outdoor activities actually are. Therefore parents must have time to take the kids out more often, family football at the park for example or fishing and picnic. By balancing both, indoor and outdoor activities kids’ addiction to technology can be reduced. Other than that, by having outdoor activities can give health benefit and reduce stress level for both, parents and

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