Technology: The Risks Of Technology In Our Lives

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The Risks of Technology The need for technology is something very important to all people, we need it to live. And technology is very important to our lives, but it can still do bad things if we are not careful or reckless with it. In fact, it can be good or bad depending on what we choose to do with it. For these reasons, humans must be careful with how they use technology. We are living better lives today than our parents and there parents before them. But technology also has made us dumber and not have as many skills as we had before like how we can just look up things on the internet really quickly. It can make human life a lot easier and may make us dependant and lazy and could lead to are downfall. But are the bad things from technology more powerful than the good? That is what we must find out.…show more content…
Social media and communication is so important to us that we automatically check our phones when they buzz or ring it is like when a dog heres the the word treat. Because we are dependant. The feeling we get from a like on Facebook book or follow on Instagram feels better to us then real interaction. We also can’t figure out how to live without technology because we use it do so much. I can’t read a map or find my way around a city without google maps. Even my car needs help to do easy things like park. Cause we rely too much on technology it makes us lazy and forget how to do things that we really should know. This is bad for people cause technology is supposed to help

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