Technology Exposed In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay The book Fahrenheit 451 is written by Ray Bradbury. In this story, the protagonist, Guy Montag, lives in a dystopian future. Instead of putting fires out, these firemen start them. But, they don’t just start fires for no reason. Books have become outlawed due to the lack of creativity. Everyone is the same. The people who have questions and are social are considered the outcasts. Because authors are so different from everyone else with their creative ideas, the books are burned, along with the homes of the people who were caught with a book. Montag, a fireman, becomes curious on why the books are so terrible and why they’re illegal and set to flames. So, he started collecting them. One day, he meets his neighbor…show more content…
The Mechanical hound is used for physical control over people. They can sniff out books and have poison that can be injected into someone who’s doing something society does not approve of. Also, there was a machine which pumped all of the blood from the body and replaced it with fresh blood and serum. Being able to do this can save the lives of millions. In today’s society, this is unrealistic. But, in this futuristic world, this procedure is possible. This technology is very unique and…show more content…
With this kind of power, though, I do not believe that some of the technology will harm civilians, as it does in Fahrenheit 451. The technology that does help them will advance, but that 's all the citizens of America will have. The medical technologies will highly advance, causing the population to increase dramatically. Perhaps, this will extend the human lifespan. Another positive contribution on society that advanced technology can play into is to bring unicorns back to life. I believe that further studies in the genetic field will broaden and we can bring not only unicorns, but other extinct animals back to life. This technology in genetics plays along with the medical technology. In other words, technology will help humans and other species live forever. Although there were many advances in technology, almost everyone in Fahrenheit 451 is unhappy with their lives. Everyone is the same. There is no originality. With that said, being social and curious is an odd thing to do. Because creativity was frowned upon, books were banned. Authors could not publish books because that would inspire the citizens to be curious and to read, which would be “different” if anyone were to be caught reading or handling a book, they would have their house burned down along with losing possession of the
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