Technology Positive Impact

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Nowadays,technology affects our society significantly.It has become an integral part in our life by bringing so much benefits to us.Technology improves the efficiently in creativity and communication.As we knew,all people now think that they could not live without gadjets such as computer,handphone and others.It is because they always depend on technology to do their works.So day by day they are many new gadgets and technology had created.This virus affects creativity and communication in the world.Not all a positive impact onto creativity and communication .It also has negative impact that can make people become lazy,obesity and so on.
First,the communication.People like to communicate in many ways more over they are many application that
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In addition,cyberbulliying also one of the negative impact about the technology in communication.The bully will frighten and threaten the other people using the technology by sending messages or calling.In statistic,the most people who often bullied are Skype and Facebook users.In US today 28 millions of bully is from proteens and 21.5 millions from teenagers.90% bullied will not tell their parents oran adult when cyberbullying occurs.They will overcome their problems…show more content…
The resulting fumes from gasoline will make our nature not safe because of the smoke that have many poisons such as carbon monoxide,sulfur dioxide tar and many of the substance that can make people die. For the food,the fast food is dangerous to health.Although it is easy to serve and save our time,they are many MSG in the food.We can easily get stroke,heart attack and obesity when we eat too much MSG.The modified genetics food can effects on in humans cells.It’s mean it can increase health problems in the
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