The Impact Of Technology On Education

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Nowadays many concerns arise when discussing technology within a classroom. Technology has played a very important role in the student's life because it's a 21st-century advancement. It is seen as a ladder of growth in the economy. An economy that is poor and has no use of technology can never grow in today's society. This is because technology makes everything much easier and incredibly less time-consuming, which indeed is a relief. The impact of technology can be dealt with but I'd like to emphasize my topic on the impact of technology on education. According to Ronch, Ph.D. (2013) professor at the University of Maryland, he composed a piece on "What's technology for?" he writes, "it's the care of providing [the] world." By which he means…show more content…
In fact, technology is rising and advancing in order to better education. For instance, allowing students to have access to learning apps, creating learning styles, platforms, transforming the learning experience, access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier, and nearly infinite amounts of information can provide for engaging instruction and meaningful student learning. In a study, "Professors who employ various methods of teaching such as a PowerPoint, video segments, and overhead projectors during one-course lecture are able to better keep students' attention, thereby, reducing boredom with the lecture and, consequently improving the overall learning experience" (D'Angelo and Woosley, Ph.D. 2007, p. 463). With a simple powerpoint, it gives students a better understanding of what is being taught and it requires technology to be in use. Students who combine technology to education achieve twice as much knowledge. "A mode of education known as blended is a type of teaching and learning that mixe[s] various event-based activities: self-paced learning, live e-learning, and face-to-face classroom” (Pechenkina and Aeschliman, 2017, p. 28). This helps students stay on pace with what is being taught in the…show more content…
Allowing technology to rise in the field of education is beneficial, it enhances teaching and learning. Teachers and students should take full advantage of technology because it may change the way a teacher teaches, changes the way students interact, and even changes expectations. It has its drawbacks in the classroom but better education is required for one's students excellence. We can draw the conclusion that the use of technology in education is a necessity in the classroom allowing students to succeed in the future. Technology has always been around but now that it's advancing, this is the time we should take full advantage to educate the future

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