Technology Impact On Society

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PROJECT PROPOSAL-TO INVESTIGATE THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE SOCIETY Table of Contents CHAPTER ONE 4 1.1 ABSTRACT 4 1.2 BACKGROUND 4 1.3 PROBLEM STATEMENT 7 1.4 Main Research objective 8 1.4.1 Research objectives 8 1.4.2 Research Questions 8 1.5 Significance of the Study 9 CHAPTER TWO 10 LITERATURE REVIEW 10 2.1 Key Applications of technology 11 2.1.1 Communication 11 2.1.2 Health 13 2.2 Positive impacts of Technology 15 2.2.1 Technology Has Improved Transportation 15 2.2.2 Technology Has Improved Communication 16 2.2.3 Technology Has Improved Education and Learning Process 16 2.3 Negative Impacts 17 2.3.1 Increased Pollution 17 2.3.2 Teenagers and Technology: Negative Effects 17 2.4 Variables 21 2.5 Hypothesis 21 PROJECT TIMELINE 21 PROJECT BUDGET 23 Research Design 25 Validity testing of the collected Data 25 Data Analysis 26 Multiple Regression Analysis 27 ANOVA ANALYSIS 28 References 31 CHAPTER ONE 1.1 ABSTRACT Technology is a key pillar of the way if life both at home and in businesses. The modern world has gained its current state of growth and stability due to the innovations that are changing the way people do things. It is hard to live a normal life today and not come across a piece of innovation or technology. The use of technology ranges from businesses, learning, transport, health, living, and even politics. With the fast growth of technology and innovations, one can only predict the future and…show more content…
To investigate the impact of technology on the society ii. To assess how the adoption of technology at home is affecting the family and mainly the children iii. To investigate the impact of technology on businesses both locally and internationally iv. To assess how the use of technology in schools is affecting how students learn and its impact on their performance 1.4.2 Research Questions i. How does the use of technology affect the
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