Technology In The Future Research Paper

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Technology is the branch of scientific knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and been applied through its own specific application for practical purposes especially in industry. Nowadays, the impact of technology in our lives are unmeasurable. We use technology in so many different ways everyday, where just about everything is more accessible and convenient because of the advance in technology that covers almost all sectors in this world. Furthermore, technology is one of the most valuable tools that we have available at our finger tips every day. The possibilities for technology are endless and not only that, they are constantly improving to make the things we have to do everyday easier. Despite of that, the future…show more content…
By using technology in order to enhance the learning experience, students are being equipped with future-ready skills that they can apply in the workforce. As we all know, nowadays, there are lots of requirements when it comes in applying the jobs that suits with the student’s course. And most of the requirements are things that related with technologies which the students have to at least know on how to use a certain technology in order to meet the requirements and simultaneously have the chances to get the jobs that have been applied. From the way technological advancements are going, it is obvious that the future will be digital and technology-focused. If students are well-versed on using technology to collaborate and communicate as early as now, they will not have trouble fitting in, competing and finding jobs in the future. Other than that, if the students keep on training theirselves using with at least one form of technology at an early age,it will help them in the future where they will feel comfortable using the technology and eventually develop other skills necessary to handle other innovative devices and processes. According to Jhurree (2005) and Cheung & Slavin (2013), as “educational technology” is a term that has been used in education, it is important to provide a working definition as the technology helps in delivering lerning materials and support the learning process in the classrooms that can improve the students’ academic learning goals. Besides, one of the benefits of technology is, a passport to employment and to gaining competitive edge in the global economy. Increasingly in developed and developing countries, job markets are demanding a computerliterate workforce. In the not too distant future, knowledge and skills of computer use will become a basic requirement for securing a job and for a nation to compete for a share of the global

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