Technology Impact On Students

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The advancement of technology in the 21st century has changed the way people learn and do things in their everyday life. With easier access to the internet and other technological tools society has evolved to a more web connected community. These advancements have gone as far as to impact the way people learn and the way students are being taught in today world. Digital learning has become a popular practice among most schools and educational institutions. But, can digital learning change and impact schools and the way students be educated? If so, in what ways does it impact schools and students? What are the positive ways these technological advances among school and educational institutions affect students and what are the negatives? In a modern era where everything is connected, technology advancements have made their way to our educational institutes and are having an impact on students and the way they are able to learn. The following review of several scholarly articles will discuss the ways technology has impacted students and their behaviors, they way students and institutions do research, and lastly the negative and positive effects of these technological advancements in digital learning
How technology has impacted students and their behaviors
Over the last decade there have been disputes about how technology has affected students and their behaviors. There has been a number of studies that have been done in order to exploit the impact of technology on students.
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