Technology In Airport Essay

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This Research will look specifically at the development of technology in Airport Security throughout the past decade. Major events contributing to the influence of technological additions to Airport Security will be assessed. Also, the effects of these technological additions on passengers and airlines will be explained. To conclude the Research Paper, there will be an explanation as to whether or not technology has benefitted passengers and airlines in regards to safety in air transportation. How Technology Has Developed In Airport Security

As technology is an ever growing part of daily life and lifestyles, you find that many industries rely on technology today more than ever before. Many people pass through airports daily. This causes a platform for terrorism and other forms of crime due to a high concentration of people in one particular place. Also, with airliners transporting a large number of people, the achievable death rate, and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon may provide an alluring target for terrorism, and the attention
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Airlines operate and depend highly on timely arrivals and departures. Technology has allowed the security checks required for each passenger to be efficiently executed in a manner much quicker than human capabilities, especially in major airports with thousands to millions of passengers daily. Also, passengers and airport personnel don’t have to sacrifice much time to endure a process which most passengers tend to dislike as the speed of the technological assistance eliminates the feeling of being screened thoroughly while still getting the job done. Another effect of technological additions to Security checks is the result of improved safety in aviation around the world. It is now rare that one finds that an aircraft has been hijacked, thanks to the strict and thorough procedures one has to undergo in Security
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