Essay About Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering fields in the world. It basically deals with the application of mathematics, physical sciences, experience and practice to develop ways in which the materials and forces of the nature can be used economically for the development of society and general well-being of man. Civil engineering consists of various sub-disciplines and the thirteen lectures provided over the duration of this course covered a majority of these sub-disciplines. Civil engineers are important for the development of our society. They design and build infrastructures for the enhancement of the general population like bridges, water supply, drainage and sewage systems, transportation systems and many more. The habitable world is constantly evolving with growing need for efficient buildings and infrastructure. Human population will continue to see a positive…show more content…
The current transportation systems seem to be vulnerable to even the most frequent disasters like heavy rain or snow. A smooth transportation network is important for evacuation during times of disaster. Transport has important role to play in each phase of disaster. There is a significant loss of life due to the inaccessibility to reliable transportation during disasters or lack of effective evacuation plan for non-drivers. The use of technology here can play an important role in solving the problem in some ways. Intelligent Transport Systems which uses advanced information and communication network for users, vehicles and transport infrastructure can contribute to solving this problem. This again calls for the cooperation of various entities in information and establishment of common information
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