Technology In Education Essay

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In the last 20 years, a worldwide extension of information and communication technologies into the field of education has been noticeable. The global integration of technology into education has potentially been hypothesized on the use of new technological tools to reform an outdated educational system, better adopt students' engagement to the information age, and speed up development efforts in national level. In developing countries, the above commitments have created a set of furious assumptions about the requirement of educational reforms ‘‘initiation stage’’, which requires information collection and planning, sounds to be blurring in this breakneck process of technology implementation (Young, 1991). In other words, computers were…show more content…
Rosen (2010) stated, today's children have grown up in an environment in which technology is everywhere and much of it is invisible. In other words, these unforeseen technologies in classroom are so prevalent in students' lives outside of school. Li (2007) found students like technology and believed technology could be effective in learning. According to Spires et al. (2008) students' image of school is that it reflects the real-world. Students use technology mostly for digital music, video games, and cell phones outside of schools. Email and instant messaging are other students' most popular use of technology. Students desire to have these facilities of technology at school, too. Cuban (2001) suggested that technology integration in the classroom is more beyond than purchasing and installing new computers. A large number of studies showed that teachers' computer competence influences their attitudes toward computers (Summers, 1990). Instructional practices and quality instruction are necessary to impact student achievement and teacher motivation. Exploring how students learn, and effective integrated technology programs or tools assist the educators to face daily challenges of technology integration into instruction. Among different fields, implementation of technology in language learning and teaching has become very diverse and the ways that they are being used in classrooms all over the world have become central to language
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