Technology In Education System

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INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction With the rapid development of technology in the following years, several technological devices have been generated in a large scale and used by a great deal of people all around the world. (Chan, Jeong, 2014). Computer, which is one of the most significant one in all technological tools, has now become an influential factor in almost every individual’s life (Küçük, 2009). It has been facilitating lots of needs and opportunities in many fields for users. Likewise, education, which is acknowledged as a milestone in everyone’s life span, has been taken advantages of technology via especially computers. Schools have been offering the educational courses to students by the help of teachers, separately several classes, and lesson books. However, with the advanced technology in today’s world, this traditionally given educational courses in the schools have had a change in terms of the way of teaching, and the varieties of getting education during classes. Particularly, it can be easily noticed that the conditions offered by schools are fairly more equipped and qualified for both students and teachers. Hence, the basic factor for improved educational system is seen as technology. It has provided numerous conveniences not only in life styles both also in education systems. Moreover, in language learning classes, many researches have been done in the matter of how to increase the motivation of students and encourage them to acquire a new language.
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