Technology In Education: The Benefits Of Technology And Education

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Technology has improved or damage education? What are the benefits of technology in education? Technology is a new tool in education; in schools students use visual presentations, educational videos, online forums, computers, online dictionaries and other technology tools (Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning). The decision about combining technology and education has been a theme for debates. People concerned about the education of young students worry that technology affect learning because it distracts students, affects interactivity, decline writing skills and facilitates assignments. However, technology benefits education in many ways by accelerating the rate of learning, supporting learning at different hours, making distance education possible and flexible, and expanding course offering, experience and learning materials. The use of technological education has brought the students the opportunity to increase the educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning at the students own pace (Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning). Each student has different ways of learning; some learn fast while others need more time, technology contributes to this by providing students the opportunity to study at different rates.…show more content…
In the first instance not every student has the benefit of going into a classroom and take a face-to-face, this is useful in rural areas where schools often have fewer qualifies teachers, and less educational materials. In addition, distance learning provides students the option to participate whenever they wish; this benefits mainly the necessity of different students that cannot go to school because of problems with transportation. Moreover, online distance learning can be a highly cost-effective option, integrating well into the lives of a broad variety of students necessities (Washington University in St.
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