Attitudes Towards the Use of Technology in Second Language Learning

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ATTITUDES TOWARDS THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING The development of technology in our lives has had an impact on society and the lifestyle nowadays. For this reason, the learning process has had to adapt to these changes, implementation of new curriculums involving technology to develop the understanding of technology to take advantage of different resources we can find with it. The incorporation of technology in the education is necessary to the development of the society, however, within technology there are many challenges involved in applying it to the teaching and learning process. One problem regarding to technology is the lack of train and confidence when using technology, some students do not have the appropriate…show more content…
They argue that “technology can be an important tool that can have a major positive impact on language learning” (p. 43). They also stress the use of the Internet as a key part of this impact, with its usage able to improve critical thinking skills of students, their ability to search and synthesize information and also the skill of developing their language skills through the constant use of English. The use of the Internet should be seen as a valuable tool, mainly because of the dominant use of the English language for most of the Websites online, as well as the capability of translating text to help them understand English. Their study does provide warnings for teachers though. It notes that Internet access can be an important function in the ESL classroom, but it is important to “keep track of which students are using the computers”, as well as to keep an eye on the content that they are viewing because there are many distractions online (p. 43). Their work argues that the use of the Internet can be effective but that teachers must ensure that the time spent using the tool is productive and that students are not distracted by other

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