Evolution Of Graphic Design

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Technology gave new opportunities to people since early 1960s and has skyrocketed drastically since the late twentieth century. New machineries and cutting-edge softwares helps unleash the full potential of graphic design. In aid of the great evolution of Internet and the World Wide Web during the 1990s, it revolutionised the ways of communication and accessing information. This evolution altered social structures in graphic design and its productions.


One of the earliest pioneer, A. Micheal Noll, a fresh college graduate in engineering, joined Bell Telephones Laboratories in the early 1960s. During his time there, he started experimenting on computer arts while he was exploring the fundamental frequency of speech during
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Making the industry competitive and pressuring to improve their current skills. Which questions, what has graphic design show absence through the revolution in the rise of technology? The constant dilemma of graphic design losing its tradition and being replaced by pixels lingers. Was graphics better with tradition back then compared to now? The price to pay with jobs, quality, knowledge and most importantly, tradition has prevail and replaced what “beauty” was from traditional design, with what Steven Heller described, “design aesthetic”. Using such software, its able to produce similar structured guides thus saving a significant amount of time. This advantage of jumpstarts devalues the skill set and experience of amateur designers. Having accurate measurements can be digitally calculated with digits and mistakes doesn't exist when it can be undone with just a click and deem…show more content…
Any amateur or so-called non-designer, with the absence of any design skill set, would make use of the amazing programmes and self proclaim themselves as a designer. The thought of having unprofessional people involved in the designer’s finished work is terrifying, similar terms to having your masterpiece either turn to trash or hopefully for the better.

Is this what sets the difference between a designer and a good designer? Some would argue that it’s about having the intentions, rather than the use of programmes which helps the design development becomes more effortless. To have it done in a unique and exciting way is already a skill, and that is what make the
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