Technology In Healthcare

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Impacts of Technology on Health Care System

The structural, organizational parts and the mode of delivery have been positively altered by technological advancements. The integration of technology has made a lot of improvements in the health care sector by making it easier for doctors to give services for and the patients to be able to access quality health care with fewer problems. The major areas that have benefited from technology in the health care sectors include cancer treatment and research.
Technology is defined as a way of doing things. Modern technology has changed the way many things are done. One of the areas that have been impacted by technology is the medical field. Health care has come a long way especially if you compare the
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One of the ways in which technology has improved technology and quality of life of patients, by making sure that the caregivers and medical personnel can do their work effectively. Due to technology patients can be able to remain in their homes and still receive care through technology. The doctors can share information with patients digitally, which means that the doctors do not need to be present physically for the treatment to be effected. The advent of technology has also improved the diagnostic approaches. Currently, patients can be able to carry out their diagnosis by typing in symptoms on a computer and read the results; this eventually reduces the extra fees that would have been incurred as consultation fees. The use of technology can help physicians to treat more people than before. Diagnosis of diseases is not only getting more accurate, but also fast and efficient. Specialists in this field can perform a body anatomy with no lengthy procedures and few mistakes. This is done through adoption of technologies such as MRI scans and radiology machines (Griffith, 2000). Invasive types of surgeries have recently been improved. The specialists can operate on a patient with less invasive ways by using the technologically advanced medical…show more content…
The use of health informatics will allow the medical researchers to determine the effectiveness of a particular treatment for a given population in the discovery of harmful effects of drugs. For a long time in the history of medicine, the concern and focus has always been on developing new drugs, and little attention was being given to other areas of improvement of the current medicine. The use of digital technology to profile the disease-causing organisms has made it easy for cross references to be carried out by other researchers; this has been instrumental in managing the research information on medicine and their

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