Technology In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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In the world today, technology is being used to save people and to better the lives of the citizens on planet Earth. There are some people who take technology too far, such as Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Mary Shelly’s book. Victor Frankenstein created the unknown; he brought the dead back to life as if he was a God. In Mary Shelly’s point of view, she exaggerates how we abuse technology by playing God. In my point of view, I see that we are taking advantage of things, for example, Human Engineering, cloning, and abortion. People are abusing nature for our benefit. The people of Earth can be symbiotic with nature, if technology is used in the right way. Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, is about the life of Victor Frankenstein and the creation of the monster. In Mary Shelly’s point of view, she exaggerates how technology is abused throughout the book. The exaggeration can be seen in the book, especially the scene where Victor creates the monster. Before Victor created the monster, he said, “They would praise me as if I was a god.” In Mary Shelly’s point of view, she expresses that it is unethical to bring a dead human back to life. When the monster is…show more content…
Technology is abused throughout the novel, Frankenstein. Mary Shelly describes that bringing the dead back to life is morally wrong and a lot of responsibility. In my point of view, technology is used for cloning, which is also wrong because there could be many issues clones can turn on the creators. Clones can also use the identity of the host for evil purposes. Human engineering is also wrong in how they used it in My Sister's Keeper, one becoming the provider and the parasite eating from the provider. Humans can have a symbiotic Nature if technology is used to save species of animals and used to help the environment, but finally, Mary Shelly describes that playing God is not a game; it can affect the lives of the humans in the
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