Technology In Mike Byrne's Beware Of The Leopard

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Technology and the advances in science are miraculous, however, these advances create a life that is frustratingly difficult. In recent years the world of technology has boomed; from ATM’s to remote controls to computer systems technology is truly incredible, along with this cutting-edge technology comes excruciatingly minor inconveniences from the newest technology. Yes, the science world can design outlandish features and create spectacular designs, nevertheless, this begs the question; is this technology needed? In Mike Byrne’s Beware of the Leopard these advances and faults of technology are discussed. Byrne explains how marvelous the technology of today can be while, at the same time, interjects how these same advances can make life more difficult. Byrne uses his role as a psychologist, with degrees in both computer science and engineering as well, to prove his knowledge of the subject and to draw…show more content…
Another example of this appeal to his audience is later in the piece when he reasserts his connection to the audience with his report of old automated teller machines (ATM’s). Depicting the notion that “people have a strong tendency to discontinue activity related to a goal once that goal has been met”, Byrne describes the “classic example” of forgetting one’s bankcard in the ATM (Byrne 6). “The main goal of the task (get cash) has been satisfied” yet, as Byrne says, “there’s another step (remove the card) to be performed after that goal has been satisfied” (Byrne 6). Byrne uses this story, among others, to display logically that human error, as well as design, play into a machines overall function and cannot be overlooked when examining the succor and vices of technological progress. As Byrne did with his car stereo story he allows the audience to take a ride into what, at the time of the articles creation, was a sincere problem people encountered in their daily
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