Technology In Mrs. Hadley's Short Story 'The Veldt'

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Technology has made considerable advances on a global scale. Within the last half-century, society has made numerous influential devices and machines. Works of fiction and informational texts have addressed the numerous influences on modern technology advantages. Improvements to technology are also changing and challenging ethical beliefs. The short story “The Veldt” has incorporated various aspects of advanced technology. It shows that humans start depending on technology instead of doing it themselves. “His wife paused in the middle of the kitchen and watched the stove, busy humming to itself, making supper for four.”(Bradbury) people just lets electronics work instead of them. Today everybody is putting technology above family. In the story, Mrs. Hadley says “ They live for the nursery” (Bradbury). Families rather spend time…show more content…
The robots will have a neuron-inspired computer that will work similar to the way that human neurons and synapses communicate(Al-Rodhan). The new computational basis will bring robots closer to the same level of intelligence as humans. Robots will soon learn to develop memory(Al-Rodhan). The smartness of the robots could be a devastation to humans. The robots can learn how to execute jobs and accomplish jobs better or faster. The two writings show the benefits and the dangers of technology. The technology will help everybody and let them work less. In the future, people can expect their jobs to be stolen away from them. Robots now can perform the same jobs faster. In “The Veldt” Lydia says, “The house is a wife and mother now, and nursemaid”(Bradbury). Humans give up everything for appliances to finish their jobs. In the article Scientific American explains that robots can become so smart they will soon be able to operate almost like people can. Robots will also soon be able to have pets and care for
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