Technology In Nepal Case Study

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Juna Karki
Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum
WSEM 1061-1
Assignment 1.3
12th sept, 2017 Effects of Technology in the field of Business and Health in Nepal
Nepal is a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious country which lies between India and China having an area of 1, 47,181 square kilometer. It has a total population 25.8 million that consists of 92 different language groups, 125 caste/ethnic groups, and 10 religious groups (Central Bureau of Statistics [CBS], 2011. Four main races are Brahamin, Chhetri Baishya and Sudra. Brahmin is the higher caste in social caste system. Every religions have its own norms and values. Each ethnic group has their own unique costumes, speak their own languages and follow their own religious practices. Main religions in Nepal are Hindu, Christianity, Muslim and Buddhist along with various minor religions. Hinduism is the dominant religion in Nepal. Some of the national festivals celebrated by different religions are Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, Lhosar, Christmas, Eid etc.
Nepal is one of the developing country. About 25% of total population live below poverty line. The UN estimates that poverty in Nepal dropped from 42% in 1996 to approximately 25% in 2009. The government of Nepal is trying to speed up socio-economic transformation through high, sustained and broad-based inclusive growth. According to Ministry of Finance despite of adverse suffering from devastating earthquake,

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