Technology In Our Life Essay

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Technology has changed dramatically every aspect of our daily life. We are able to do many things with technology. We can’t think anything about technology in the future because; we have a lot of technical things which are enough for a modern life. It will continue to change in the future because there is nothing new to develop in the future and also we have everything to do in our lives now. Therefore, technology has most improved our lives through education, communication, and medical treatment.
First of all, technology is a powerful tool that improved, support and transform education in many ways such as, digital textbooks, Google classrooms to facilities learning, research new information, project work, student activity, manage and monitoring.
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Finally, technology has improved a lot of medical systems. In the past, many people died prematurely due to lack of treatment. If someone had a disease, he could not properly eat any medicine because there was no hospital for treatment. Also, at that time there was no specialist doctor. But now we have a lot of hospitals in our country and there has a lot of expert doctors and they give us much better treatment. Many people are also saved from the way of death for better treatment and that is only because of technology. Technology has also broadened the way a patient can communicate with his or her doctor. “This type of communication is called telecommunication technology. Telemedicine initially can help the patient and doctor and medical technology essentially saves many lives and increases the quality and safety of life” (“Positive effects on medical technology”). In conclusion, though it is a modern world, it’s impossible to lead a life without technology. Because of its benefits, it became a part and parcel of our everyday life. It is very difficult to live with happiness accept technology. From getting up to go bed, technology plays a great role with our as usual work. In that case only because of technology has improved our education system, the social communication system as well as medical treatment. It helps us to step ahead. It is not only helping us the present and past but also brings us closer to the
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